Take Your Photography into a Realm of Meaning and Storytelling

Africa has always had stories to tell, in the past this was often through folklore and legend, explaining natural phenomena in engaging and memorable ways, for example, how lions are the fallen stars and the hippo, was once a proud land-dweller who lost his furry coat as punishment for having a superior attitude. We encourage […]

It’s All About Balance

In a constantly changing world, new and exhausting demands are placed on individuals to maintain what is perceived to be the “necessary lifestyle”, the one that is mostly driven by a constant barrage of marketing collateral that is a key motivator for our consumer society. In navigating our way through the challenges of maintaining these […]

Charismatic Megafauna

Across the world, children have grown up with stories of animals, as part of folklore, perhaps legend, sometimes shared in the experiences of older generations describing how things used to be when they were young. Most of these stories relate to the larger species, those that are instantly recognizable; an elephant, a lion, a whale, […]