The traditional safari through some of Africa’s most evocative and wildlife-rich reserves, mainly with the aid of a four-wheel drive vehicle, is still exciting and provides for wonderful and varied photographic opportunities. However, our tendency will be to steer you into selecting places and season allowing for maximum time alone in the wilderness. Coupled with our infectious enthusiasm for nature, sense of humour and experience with wildlife, a bespoke privately guided safari in the traditional sense cannot be eclipsed.

There is a dizzying array of destinations and camps, both permanent and mobile, to consider when designing a classic safari in Africa such as this. We steadfastly try to utilise camps that are as eco-friendly, small and intimate as posible, have an ingrained philosophy of training and skilling local community employees in responsible eco-tourism, and have an excellent and sensitive guiding ethic. Most of our journeys evolve from a lengthy discussion concerning your desires and pre-safari expectations and usually take a little longer to design. In the end, it’s worth the time taken to engage with one of us who will ultimately be guiding you on the ground too, about everything from clothing, weather, travel, local conditions and potential wildlife experiences.