Challenging conventional paradigms is one of the ways in which Marius likes to increase awareness. Drawing from not so much his academic knowledge as his practical experience and intuitive abilities, he loves to weave a narrative which allows for an expanded awareness of Nature, wildlife and the human interface.

He believes that paying mindful and fierce attention to our surroundings when spending time out in Nature is an immensely powerful way in which to nourish our souls and also to recalibrate our values.

By simply considering the obvious in a slightly different light, he often shows just how blind we have become to the miracles around us, everywhere, everyday.

“Join me on a journey of discovery of not only Nature’s treasure chest…but that of yourself”  

To Walk Is My Choice...

With a penchant for trails, Marius flourishes when he is following a game trail through the Mopane trees or tracking a herd of buffalo or viewing elephants crossing a river.

Humour and Reality…

Attributes which make powerful contributions to any safari. A lighthearted soul and realistic expectations will stand anyone in good stead and negate any “disappointments”.

Local Knowledge...

Spending time with locals who know the areas intimately, we get a glimpse into a world of experience fast disappearing in modernity.