Overland Adventures

For those that would like to engage on a more personal level.

Some of the more remote and wild places in Africa are quite rugged and logistically challenging to access. Rather than considering the “getting there” an obstacle, we can view it as an opportunity to contribute to the fullness of the experience as a whole.

Driving your own fully equipped 4×4 vehicle, we take the road less travelled and focus on wilderness and exploration of our environment.

We lead all our expeditions personally and we’re there to interpret and facilitate any encounters en-route. Due to our extensive experience with exploration, we take suitable precautions to maximise safety and enjoyment. Daily distances will be designed to negate rushing…this is about a different pace than that of the urban treadmill.

Communication between vehicles will allow for constant interpretation en route.

Please enquire with us to discuss arranging a bespoke safari for you.

All vehicles are fully equipped for autonomous camping and will provide us with every necessity and a few luxuries. These sturdy 4×4’s will either be Land Rover Defenders, Toyota Land Cruisers or similar. We only utilise well maintained vehicles from a very reliable company. It should however be mentioned that due to the conditions sometimes encountered, breakdowns or getting stuck in the mud/sand is inevitable.

Menus will be determined with your assistance and all produce will be kept refrigerated in on-board 12V freezers. Most cooking occurs on the open fire however there are LPG hobs as back-up and supplementary options. Simple and wholesome meals will fortify us for the day’s adventures.

Instead of expensive luxurious lodging in camps, accommodation is mostly in the form of a rooftop-tent which unfolds and provides a safe and comfy abode atop the roof of the Landy. Proper bedding will keep you warm at night and integrated mosquito-netting breezy and insect-free in summer!