Slowly meandering through imposing landscapes following the ancient game trails established by aeons of wildlife passage, is an unparalleled experience. The humbling yet empowering effect of walking in Wilderness is truly a most privileged and liberating activity with far reaching consequences. Focusing on “Situational Awareness” we aim at recalibrate all your senses to be more sensitive and thus receptive to the subtle language uttered by Nature every day. Increasing your vocabulary of this tongue, will reveal Nature’s wells of generosity and undoubtedly share its bounty with you on many levels.

Obviously wildlife encounters are part of the treasure, but it’s the periods separating these encounters which punctuates the invaluable gains. Walking affords us the opportunity to reset our parameters and emancipate ourselves from the restrictions we are conditioned to impose upon our minds. Please enquire with us to discuss arranging a bespoke safari for you.

Operating from a tented Trails Camp, we venture out on morning (5-6hrs) and afternoon (2-3hrs) walks, after which we return to camp for catered meals and rustic but comfortable accommodations.

The ultimate in wholesome connectedness! Accessing large tracts of Wilderness with only our feet, there is nothing insulating us from absolute immersion. Equipment is provided but each trailist carry their own house, food, water and sleeping-gear which could weigh around 15kg. Only average fitness is sufficient but an above average sense of adventure is paramount. We set up camp each night in a different venue depending on where we get to. The key aspect here is complete emancipation from any form of schedule or unrealistic expectation.