Photography Retreat

Capturing nature ethically and sensitively is our priority. We are resolute in our quest to capture authentic and unaltered scenes provided by nature.

Join us on a Photography Creativity Retreat to expand your own boundaries.

What is a Retreat?

An opportunity for you to express your creativity, gain access to unusual circumstances and vantage-points, solidify and learn new skills, and truly connect with your subject. We deliberately do not pursue the same format or objectives as a “workshop / course” to learn how to use your gear. The opportunities presented here will demand a fair level of proficiency as things often happen quickly. We provide a safe and respectful environment for you to capture images you’d normally not get on your own. Enough time is allocated at each opportunity to fully maximise what it has to offer. No rushing around chasing animals or birds etcetera…

General Landscapes

The varied topography and iconic rivers provide for amazing opportunities to photograph, learn and have fun!

We typically select a specific location where we spend the entire morning or afternoon to discover various compositions. Occasionally we are lucky to have wildlife present themselves in these compositions but these are absolutely fortuitous events. 

Recommended focal range: 16-200mm.

Example imagery:

Landscapes with Wildlife

Including the environment within which wildlife live portrays a much deeper context of who they truly are. Creating context with surrounding topography/vegetation etc is the aim. “Where’s Wally?” comes to mind, which means the wildlife is usually at a fair distance. For these images we either select a setting with imposing backdrops and wait for wildlife to enter the composition or we follow wildlife until they approach suitable scenery from where we’ll manoeuvre into a suitable vantage.

Recommended focal range: 70-400mm.

Example imagery:



Slowing down enough to start recognising the movement we are surrounded by, often reveals the most delicate / intimate details overlooked when rushing in pursuit of something specific. Paying fierce attention to our surroundings will allow for noticing points of interest which is are then further explored. Generally, these sessions are more dictated by locations where flowers / insects are erupting, or some texture on bark or rock tickles our creative fancy.

Recommended focal range: Any macro lens or even 100-400mm at closest focusing distance.

Example imagery:


Wildlife & Birds

Normal mid-range proximity to wildlife either from vehicle or on foot. If there is a specific venue with predictable sightings like a body of water with heronry etc we shall aim for that otherwise just general exploration until something is found.

Recommended focal range: 70-400mm.

Example imagery:


This is not something one can plan…as we explore Makuleke, it might be a tree trunk, rock, cloud or something random which draws your attention. We shall make the time to allow for including these shots…Sometimes it’s really up close and personal!

Recommended focal range: Any.

Example imagery: