Having had the personal and natural exposures we had, has afforded us the privilege of getting to rediscover Who We Are.

Knowing who we are, in turn has lead us to fine-tune our vision and align our objectives with what we are truly passionate about.

We thrive on facilitating visceral nature-based experiences through a carefully blended synthesis of knowledge and practical experience gained over more than two decades of bush-time. Rather than being insulated from the natural environment by over-opulent accommodation, we promote a more natural & simplistic overall approach to location and activities that include walking. This allows you to be receptive to the magic which a more intimate connection with nature offers. A refreshing childish curiosity in everything we encounter and a deep-seated sense of humour contributes greatly to our guiding style.

Specialising in bespoke safaris for small groups, we ensure indelibly intimate wilderness experiences, and the interpretive continuity provided by well travelled and experienced private guides contributes immensely to the ultimate value of any safari.

Reawakening your own intuition and drawing from this wealth of innate memories, will open doors to not only the natural… but also your personal world.