From an early age I’ve been preoccupied with wildlife & nature, and my life has been immersed in the field of reserves, wild animals and wide-open spaces. Having travelled extensively, I realised that nature was where my heart and passion lay, every facet of it, paying attention to it. Awakening journeys to the wilderness of Southern & East Africa have re-enforced my keen desire for travel and the exploration of unknown habitats and their beautiful & captivating inhabitants.

‘Patience and Perseverance’ is one of my mantras…a belief in it stems from my experience out in the field, of waiting and watching, being attentive to subtle signs that allow the emotional and usually not the physical participation in extraordinary natural events. The natural world brings me closer to me, to the present, it centres my thoughts and emotions, sharpens my awareness of surrounding stimuli and reminds me to appreciate, everything. My passion for nature and photography together with bush-skills, honed over many years as a wildlife guide, have taught me to be humble in the presence of the wildlife that surrounds us.”

“If one listens, nature will speak of wonders and awaken the strongest of human emotions”  


To move in a natural environment, where we evolved to move, on foot, is vital to experience.


The comfort and close proximity value of a vehicle safari enhances viewing opportunities and makes for lots of fun!


A photograph viewed after a time can be the genesis of bubbling memories, engaging conversation and debate! I’ll help you create memorable images…